Wildlife park

Have fun watching the animals in our wildlife park or in our play area

Wildlife park

Hey, kids!

Have you been to our wildlife park yet? No? Then come and discover it!

You can see all these animals:

Ponies, alpacas, rabbits, miniature pigs, chickens, donkeys, Ouessant sheep, pygmy goats, peacocks, wallabies, etc. Click here to see all the photos of our animals.

We allow you to stroke the animals and even feed them.  But for the sake of their health, please only use OUR food, available from the restaurant (1 packet = Fr. 2.00).

Our ponies Lucky & Diego invite you to come on a guided walk lasting 20 minutes.

So don't wait any longer, come and make the most of it!

Play area

There are lots of games so that you can unwind under the watchful eye of your parents sitting on the terrace.